* After the game loads, press play.

* To choose a cake to make, press the icon in the top menu. Once the cake appears, drag it down to the pink dotted circle.

* To change where your cake appears, tap the pink target icon.

* To mix, tap an ingredient in the top menu. When it appears, drag it to the bowl. 

* To stir the batter, drag the whisk back and forth in the bowl.

* To bake your cake, tap an oven in the top menu. Then, drag it down to the pink circle and press "bake".

* Now it's time to decorate! Select decorations from the top menu by tapping them. A submenu will appear to choose colors. Tap or draw on the cake surface until you're finished.

* To advance, press the next arrow.

* To eat, press the knife and fork icon in the top menu. Then tap the cake until it's gone!

* To smash, tap the fist icon in the top menu. Then, drag the fist down onto the cake and watch it smash!

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